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Zat a proposal? DARLING!

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on June 09, 1999 at 12:38:36:

In Reply to: wed posted by Gee on June 08, 1999 at 18:32:47:

: Assuming they opted out altogether from the othr community are they not in danger of being regularly plundered by them by questioning their activities as claiming ownership, or by being denied materials in and around their community by outsiders. eg farmland etc. in other words if 5000 people decided they would like to exist apart from the other 50,000 arent they in danger of being persecuted as 'extorters' for farming on land that the otehr 50,00 presumably couldnt use at the time, and for making things for their own use?

No, not if they are genuinely not harming the original community, and are not partaking at all in the world system- personally I look forward to the Capitalists Fucking off to their communes, therein to use money happily with each other- I'd take the kids along to give them a luagh....

:Indeed, if they helped to build up the town prior to deciding to become exclusive would they have to give up their homes, and be denied the roads they built? Dont imagine that ist all too unlikely - people naturally create exclusive relationships with eachother by shared interests which they desire to keep among themselves, even as they steal nothing from others.

Even if they built the Roads, they don't own them. If by claiming those roads as theirs they are imposing, in an Authoritarian way, upon the remaining members of the Community.

: Hmmm, I remain unconvinced that this would motivate a person to do twice as much as the one 'sharing' his produce.

The work is fulfillment in and of itself, hence why it must be voluntary, I work, because it makes me who I am.

: have fun

I do.

: Arent they demonstrated that it can work, lead by example and all that?

No, because a commune is not an example of socialism, i.e. a world-wide system of abundance.

: Shall we say a pound sterling?

ah, lets Use Gold, shouldn't devalue that much ;)

: Or shall we say a pint - which by then would have been banned by nanny state for being damaging, or a symbol of white male oppression or something.

Ooooh, gold or a Pint- well 40 years from now it'll have to be a 440 mils.

: Then I submit that Lark is right, I cant be human - i dont do this, you'd have to explain in what ways it manifests. Incidently it makes everyperson a ghost with no original human who actually is for real.

You do it unconsciously, you do it automatically, everytime you say 'Gee' or whatever your name is, by inference you are invoking your other, the Paternal Gaze of the Symbollic Father, whenever you read your own words you see yourself in them, but yourself in them from a perspective of the Symbollic Father, the Other. And you're right, it does mean the end of the concpet of the monadic Liberal Subject, and perhaps rightly so.

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