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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 08, 1999 at 18:32:47:

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: Not rally, the fuzzy lines aren't important.

they are when people rely on laws, which they do in our actual societies.

: Indeed, however, lets note, that it would be unnacceptable for them to claim their commune 'owned' its resources (Specifically if said resources were necessary to the original commune), and demanded trade for them. People are free to set up their own communes, and free to gain from the world wide system of production, but not to try and extort it (although they are free to opt out altogether). If they claimed 'ownership' of important resources, they are inhibiting teh freedom of others.

Assuming they opted out altogether from the othr community are they not in danger of being regularly plundered by them by questioning their activities as claiming ownership, or by being denied materials in and around their community by outsiders. eg farmland etc. in other words if 5000 people decided they would like to exist apart from the other 50,000 arent they in danger of being persecuted as 'extorters' for farming on land that the otehr 50,00 presumably couldnt use at the time, and for making things for their own use? Indeed, if they helped to build up the town prior to deciding to become exclusive would they have to give up their homes, and be denied the roads they built? Dont imagine that ist all too unlikely - people naturally create exclusive relationships with eachother by shared interests which they desire to keep among themselves, even as they steal nothing from others.

: Their self benefit is throuugh being able to continualy satisfy their needs and their capacity to work.

Hmmm, I remain unconvinced that this would motivate a person to do twice as much as the one 'sharing' his produce.

: Indeed, and I am trying to persuade them otherwise.

have fun

: Whom might neither perceive a need for any 'help' or want what you offer

Then thats their choice, i've done what I can.

As I said, make sure you have fun trying - its the journey you should enjoy, dont depend on the destination.

: I'm allright Jack. *Shakes Head* I'm OK and fuck the rest.

Arent they demonstrated that it can work, lead by example and all that?

: No, I'm on the Job market soon, anyone want a Literary Intelectual? Will Critique for money...anyhow- yer on!

Shall we say a pound sterling? 40 years from now it will have dissapeared into the euro, and would have been worth 37p in real terms assuming 2.5% inflation (which is optimistic, expect various govt ponzi schemes to fail, resulting 'letys steal from everyone' inflationary measure to cover their tracks)

Or shall we say a pint - which by then would have been banned by nanny state for being damaging, or a symbol of white male oppression or something.

: No, because you imagine their gaze 'what would my Parents say? My Role-Model?' etc. We always imagine our other. Our self-hood is bound up with a position in social discourse.

Then I submit that Lark is right, I cant be human - i dont do this, you'd have to explain in what ways it manifests. Incidently it makes everyperson a ghost with no original human who actually is for real.

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