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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 20, 1999 at 15:57:44:

In Reply to: Reet grand, like. posted by Red Deathy on July 20, 1999 at 15:05:15:

: Indeed, and voting socialist is the second most selfish act there is.

How? Love is hugely discriminatory - socialism is all inclusive.

: Which is exactly what socialism promotes- a system in which such value choices are extrinsic to the physical/psychic integrity of of a single individual. The model you are advocating here moves quite a distance from classic rationalist Liberalism.

It derives from JSMill, Locke, Jefferson etc. It is incompatible with egalitarianism because the lady chooses her husband over other goals, including any 'social' goals. Husband comes before others, not equally to them. It is from 'my ability to the things I value', not to needs asserted by others.

: Exactly. And suddenly, Society is! the whole point I was wanting to make.

Society is!.....you, your valued family and valued friends. Still no where near 6 billion poeple, still highly discriminatory - hence my earlier suggestions that whilst little communes might work, a global commune would not.

: But now we have a model in which someone may well work for free, for less comparative gain than someone whom they value greatly- we are away from teh devouring maw of the consuming individual chooser.

We are already, people regularly choose a person over another opportunity. Thats the essence of 'individualism' - discrimination.

: Will you take an evaluating stand on it? You seem rather to be defending it.

People derive more personal utility / happiness from supporting those things they value over those things they dont value. This assumes that 'happiness' (that state of mind when one achieves ones values) is a valid goal in life - and I think it is.

: Restrictions exist now, and they are not resisted- resented, perhaps, not not resisted.

They are resisted with various tax loops and tactics designed to avoid the full brunt of the restriction.

: But surely that is anathema to radical liberal meritocracy- the whole basis of AC?

Its not an anathema, its a stupid choice - it supports meritocracy by showing how trying to 'cheat' it fails - the standard being reality.

: But it still shafts monadic individualsim sideways.

I have know idea what its sexual desires are.

Classical liberals dont suggest mankind is monadic, simply that affecting eachother does not mean becoming beholden to everyone.

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