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It is no use debating with them

Posted by: Frenchy on September 14, 1999 at 19:50:18:

In Reply to: Go and live in Cambodia for 12 months posted by Darcy Carter on September 14, 1999 at 01:36:56:

Darcy, you don't understand. Your dealing here with socialists who insist that real socialism has yet to be implemented. Castro's brand of socialism was flawed, so was Mao's, so was Stalin's, so was Ortega's, ad infinitum.
On the other hand present day socialists, especially those who are scholars, do have the solution to bring the worlds miseries to an end.
It is no use debating with them, although you are more than welcome, because their definitions change minute by minute.
I have a theory that the real deal is that these socialists are just envious of successful people and can't stand it. Success to them is everyone grows his own food and and make their own clothes. An improvement to them would be that everybody live in a shack in the woods, sort of like Ted Kozinsky, another leftist/greeie/utopian.
Anyways, that's my opinion.

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