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McDonalds are the modern day equivelent of the slave trade

Posted by: J.Keith ( UK ) on April 23, 1999 at 17:51:37:

Forget about wether we serve burgers that have been dropped on the floor it would probably do the food some good as it's tasteless so atleast it gives it a bit of flavour.
What's really crap about McDonalds is the fact they treat their Frozen Stock with better care than their crew, remember all the false bullshit they go on about in the McDonalds crew book? They pay us the minium wage to work are arses off and what pleasure do we get out of it? The Fact is they are the worlds worest employers and wouldn't let you have time off to go to your own funeral. I'm not very good with this internet business but will someone who is please type up the true McDonalds Crew Book with out all the coporate bullshit and the fact that McDonalds will more than likely kill you if you stay longer than their probation period which also happens to be a joke I've been working there 2 months and after 4 times of asking they still haven't given me a probation report or a pay review. Will someone please shoot Ronald and the rest of his coporate pals

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