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Are you for real?

Posted by: MDG on February 08, 19100 at 17:13:35:

In Reply to: Common sense, why don't you have any? posted by Lars Jonsson on February 06, 19100 at 19:42:56:

: Hi MDG!

: This must really be an "hate meateater site". Your choice of words ("slave master" as an example) indicate what "kind" of person you are.

I have compassion for animals...I know, that makes me a terrible person, but I can't help it.

:But that's your choice! However, the world would be nicer to live in with less hatred.

Also, with less blood-shedding. Stop killing animals for their flesh.

: I'm brought up on a farm and my father is still breading sheep, nowdays only for keeping the meadows open. In Sweden we have gowernment programs supporting people (like my father) to have animals for that reason. So I have seen the real animals. We even slaughter them ourselves out on the farm, and the sheep doesn't show any sign of that they know what's coming.

First off, most meat comes from factory farms & commercial slaughterhouses where the animals definitely suffer and know they're going to die. Secondly, sheep enjoy life -- killing them quickly (especially when there's no reason to do so, as one can live very well without sheep flesh) is about as kind to them as if I shot you in the back of the head while you were sleeping.

: The stress in a slaughterhouse is (in my opinion) not from the slaughter, but more from a bad and stressed surrounding.

You mean, the smell of blood in the air and the screams of animals, plus the brutality of the slaughterhouse workers? And when the knife slits the throat, that's a pleasant experience?

:Maybe you (there you come from) have bad "slaughterhouses". I think that you need to have a good legislation around an activity like that.
There is no such thing as a good slaughterhouse.

:I don't know form there you got that the animals get stressed because they smell blod? Have you asked them?

Lars in la-la land. First of all, animals show extreme fear and distress in slaughterhouses; if you doubt that animals are repulsed by the smell of blood and adrenaline and other fear and stress secretions filling the air, then you're either obtuse or willfully ignorant.

: Sheep is an good example on an animal that need to be slaughtered then it's getting older, or do you think we should have nursing homes and retirement homes for old animals? If so, I think that you is sick.

Sheep need to be slaughtered for their own good. That makes a lot of sense, Lars. Maybe I should slit your throat to help you out, old buddy. And what's sick about taking care of an animal which you've purposefully bred? If you don't want to be responsible for them, don't breed them, Lars.

:That is unnatural if anything is unnatural.

Says the all-knowing Lars...

:Out in the nature older animals either; starve to death, get sick (without any treatment) and die, or are taken by other animals (murdered. What a shame??? Why don't forbid animals to kill each other?). The nature is not always nice and friendly!

So in other words, we should imitate nature? Law of the jungle, eh Lars? Has it occurred to you that humans have the moral choice whether or not to kill for food? A lion does not have that choice, so therefore we humans should overlook our own power in this area? Bullshit. Furthermore, if you want to live by the law of nature, stop by sometime. I'll hit you on the head with a club and steal your money -- after all, nature is violent, so people should be too, right? That's sick.

: One other example are "our moose hunting", there even the government hunt down mooses. There isn't any natural enemies (for the mooses) left, and they bread so heavily so we need to hunt them down (the hunt is around three weeks every year).

Maybe you should reintroduce the mooses' natural predators which you killed off (to protect your sheep, no doubt). Also, rather than kill them (the easy way, and fun too!) why not use birth control on them? It works; the only problem is, it denies the thrill of the kill to certain miscreants who get off on shooting animals. What a shame.

:This in order to keep the number on a level that doesn't give massive starvation and sickness amoung the moosepopulation.

Blah blah blah, the usual pro-hunting propaganda. Stop killing off natural predators, stop manipulating the land to promote "game" species at the expense of others; stop killing off the healthiest (that's what human hunters do, as opposed to natural predators, which kill off the lame and sick) and therefore stimulate breeding behavior. As for overpopulation, we humans should take care of our own exploding population before pointing fingers at other animals.

:We have had problems like that. We are now trying to bread up a population of wolves partly to get the nature back in balance.

About time; you never should have killed them off in the first place...but then, you were too protecting your sheep herds to care about the wolves (funny how you protect sheep from wolves just so you can slit their throats later).

:Because of this "problem" we eat alot of moose-meat hear.

Meat clogs the blood vessels with cholesterol and fat, leading to diminished blood flow to organs like the brain, which results in fuzzy thinking.

: I can however agree with you that vegetarians (as a group) tends to be healthier than all-eaters. But is it really because of a vegeterian diet or is it because of an healthier lifestyle overall?

Yep! Study after study shows a vegetarian diet is healthier.

: Many meat-eaters (not all) have unhealthier lifestile, with more fat in the food,

Because they eat meat...

:and with less exercise (compared with vegetarians).

When you're a vegetarian, you have more energy, so of course you feel like exercising.

:At least that is what my schoolbook in nutrition says...

Who publishes your schoolbook? Is it underwritten by the meat industry, as it is here in the USA?

:You have much more people suffering of obesity among meateaters. (And is not the meat itselves that make people fat.)

Meat is fatty; meat eaters are fatty.

: And for your statement about my "plants feel pain" argument (I did not say that plants felt pain, but that they were alive. And according to my biology they are.): "no brain, no pain", I would like to say that dead animals (including humans) doesn't feel any pain either.

Is that your final word of wisdom? So you're saying you can torture an animal or human, then slit their throats, but it's okay, because once they're dead, what happened to them while they were still alive doesn't matter? Too bad about lives cut short and ended in misery, but hey, there's no pain in heaven! Lay off the meat, Lars, it's interfering with the blood flow to your brain.

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