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You twist my words, but yes i'm for real.

Posted by: Lars ( Sweden ) on February 09, 19100 at 11:19:14:

In Reply to: Are you for real? posted by MDG on February 08, 19100 at 17:13:35:

If slaughter of animals is like you bescribes in your country, I'm happy not to live there. But I don't really believe you. Why? Because of your way to twist my words, you probably twist your reality too.

I've probably seen more slaughters than you (I don't know but...). For instance so have I worked in a slaughterhouse, even if it there only for a summer. The reality that you describe probably only exist in your own brain.

It's only you who have "talked" about torture of animals, not me. I prefer a quick and a painless slaughter. You seemed to be possessed by blood, fear, and pain. Maybe you like it? At least it seems so!

And your "talk" about that schoolbooks are written by the meat industry are interesting! It is a typical argument then people doesn't have an argument. It is really the only type of argument you can have when you don't know anything. You "talk" about it as it is a fact, even though it's your own lie. It sounds like a bad exuse for not "listening" to the truth.

The scientists and your own body (but you don't know, silly you?) all agrees about the fact that you are coded to eat a "fare" consisting partly of meat. Your own body are in need for essential amino acids and essential fatty acids that only (natural) can be found in meat.

Yes I am for real, but you are living in a dreamworld!

// Lars

By the way:
You didn't answer the question what we shall do with old and sick animals? Retirementhomes or what? Are you paying?

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