Employment Issues

McDonald's often claim that a proposed new outlet will benefit an area by offering new employment opportunities but they are rather economic with the facts. The information below may be of use in countering their propoganda.

Below is the claim regarding employment that was submitted by McDonald's during their application for planning permission to covert the White Lion pub in East Grinstead into a drive-thru McDonald's. McDonald's claims are followed by a responce from the "East Grinstead Coalition Against the McDonald's Plan".

McDonald's submission on employment:
    "To operate the Drive-Thru, McDonald's will employ five salaried Managers and approximately seventy-five full and part-time hourly paid staff. On average 62% of employees are less that 21 years old and will be recruited locally, making a significant contribution to youth employment."


    About 80% of crew people are 'part-time' (source: Sid Nicholson, McDonald's UK Vice President), averaging about 20 hours per week. Assuming 'approximately' 75 staff are recruited this means the creation of only 15 full time jobs. Assuming 62% of these jobs are allocated to people under 21 it will create just 9.3 full time youth opportunities and, of course, cannot take account of redundancies that might occur at other food outlets in East Grinstead and indeed the White Lion pub itself. The current local DoEE unemployment figure stands at 2,473 which excludes those under 18 who are unable to register for benefit and can only add to the figure. Whilst any new employment opportunity should be welcomed, how can this be deemed 'significant' and what type of jobs are these for our young people?

    Mr Beavers (US Senior Vice President) has accepted that McDonald's depends for their profits (over $1 billion p.a.) on the labour of young people and he has also admitted that employees do not have any guaranteed hours or pay at McDonald's. McDonald's UK have admitted that they have been convicted of 73 offences in relation to the employment of young people. The untelevised Channel 4 documentary 'One Every Mile', shown as evidence in the High Court, and filmed in two London stores with McDonald's permission, portrays the high pressure working conditions. Crew members' were filmed complaining about pay, of pay rises being delayed, about hours of work being under-recorded and that the pressure of work "does you brain in". in 1992 the manager of a Newcastle store was jailed for 6 months for inducing a crew member to phone through a hoax bomb threat to a nearby Burger King in order to boost sales at his store.

Other planning related issues:
Traffic Congestion, Parking and Safety
Environment Litter, Noise and Smells

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