Traffic Issues

The following information may be useful in supporting objections against
planning applications on the grounds of negative impact on traffic.

The following are extracts from planning policy guidance (PPG13) issued by the Department of the Environment and the Department of Transport that are relevant to traffic issues.
It outlines how local authorities in the UK should implement their development plans.

The Key aim of the guidance is to ensure that local authorities carry out their land-use policies and transport programmes in ways which help to:

    reduce growth in the length and number of motorised journeys;

    encouraging alternative means of travel which have less environmental impact; and hence

    reduce reliance on the private car.

The need to manage demand

1.5. To maintain the effectiveness of the transport system, there are good reasons to place more weight on policies to manage demand, especially in urban areas by;

  • promoting acceptable alternatives to the private car;

  • enabling people to reach everyday destinations with less need to travel; and

  • reduce local traffic on trunk roads and other through routes.

Planning for less travel

1.7 In preparing their development plans, local authorities should co-ordinate their policies for transport and other forms of development. Development plans should aim to reduce the need to travel, especially by car; by

  • influencing the location of different types of development relative to transport provision (and vice versa); and

  • fostering forms of development which encourage walking, cycling and public transport use

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