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Posted by: Frenchy on December 01, 1999 at 18:55:14:

Communism by stealth and deceit.
By Fred Rundle

Like all dedicated Communists, the ANC government placates the
international community by lying to them that they are committed to
pursuing a market-orientated economy.

The truth is that they have never been capitalists and never will be.
only capitalistic tendencies that can be detected amongst them , are
vast sums of taxpayer money that they are directing to their own

The masses are starving, they have no jobs and their plight is getting

The old saying that the ANC is Incapable of even arranging a drunk
party in a brewery, is coming true with fatal consequences, even for
own people. The Third World has already turned our once proud State

Hospitals into filthy hovels where patients actually die from secondary

infections caused by conditions in the hospitals themselves. The most

noted cases of this to date have been the documented examples
of-the rats
chewing the patients' feet in Johannesburg General and -the case of
twin babies
roasted to death in an incubator!

And this, from institutions which under the "evil" Apartheid system
responsible for world firsts, such as the first heart transplant
How the mighty have fallen!

In these Turd World hospitals, virtually all the linen has been stolen
the "staff". That which remains, is soiled with an accumulation of
Nobody in his right mind will willingly enter one of these hell holes - as

a result, expensive privately owned hospitals have flourished.

Obsessed with destroying everything First World, the gorilla
has now targeted these private hospitals. A National Health Bill is to
introduced which will force these private institutions to produce an
inventory of all their equipment. Vital and expensive equipment will
be allocated on a geographical basis - in other words, those state
institutions without equipment will have the right to send their
to the private
institutions, regardless of the costs involved or the other
economic/social implications.

The Bill states: "The legislation requires all hospitals, both public and
private, to apply for certificates of need that will state what services

they can render". A White Paper on the Bill states: "To avoid
of expensive equipment in certain geographic areas, all equipment
be purchased through a system of control and be used optimally by
public and private sectors".

This means that the Communists will now appoint a Commissar to
sector health care, funded by private shareholders, as well. The
implications of this Bill are horrendous and it can only mean the
deterioration of quality, private health care, dragging it down the
and standards of the disgusting State hospitals.

If for instance, a private hospital requires new bed pans, they will not

be allowed to buy new ones if the Commissar decides that there are
some dilapidated pans available at one of their State hovels. If some
equipment should be stolen, or should it be dysfunctional through
then the Commissar can decree that the Aids infested patients of the
hospitals must be accommodated side by side with the paying
patients in
private hospitals.

The Commissar can also turn down a request for new equipment at a
hospital, on the grounds that they have a similar machine at one of
State hospitals - or vice versa.

In the case of a piece of equipment already existing in a state
this means that private paying patients will be bussed in to the State

hospitals. There they will be forced to lie in the overcrowded wards -
where "healthy" families of patients share beds with patients and in
instances many of them even sleep in front of the beds.

That is merely another of the many plights of the White Race in
day South Africa - let it be a lesson to the Whites in other parts of
world as to what awaits them when the Nonwhites take over their

We must not be surprised if our private possessions, accumulated
over many
years of hard work and thrift, are to be expropriated next, merely
some minister covets them and wants them.

The Whites must take this as a wake up call and say enough is
enough. If
we rally together, we can bring this government of depraved
Communists to
their knees. We should not be intimidated by this self serving, all
consuming, government of former terrorists and their corrupt big

Our forebears went into this uncharted territory and tamed this
country of
savages and wild animals. How can we fail if we show the same faith
resolution as they did? The discipline and the ingenuity lies within our
ranks and by closing ranks and standing together, victory is within

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