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In a Genuine Socialist society unpleasant work will have to be done

Posted by: Lark ( ICA, Ireland ) on March 23, 1999 at 13:58:16:

In Reply to: being a socialist in the west - the easy life posted by Crimson Tide on March 23, 1999 at 11:02:12:

: So why didnt you go to Cuba? I figured out why i didnt.

I havent the money for a flight, I'm not Cuban I'm Irish, I dont speak spanish.

Every Criticism you have made here of Socialism, the Machavellians etc. goes double for Capitalism I hope you know that. I mean the McLibel two where taken down by McDonalds, deprived of freedom of speech by a company not the government and to be honesty where they a threat to the power of McDonalds or was the school yard thug just thorwing it's weight around?

In a Genuine Socialist society unpleasant work will have to be done just as it has to be done now the difference is that everyone will have to appreciate and take part in the unpleasantness.

No avenue of escape into a slothful bureacratic class of paper piling suits, whether state or market, will exist for the work-shy or proud.

Then we'll really, really, really see how long this unpleasantness persists wont we.

McSpotlight: I wouldn't say the McLibel Two were "taken down", though; if anything, McD's received a rather nasty shock. Anyway, look out for the appeal verdict on the 31st of March...;)

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