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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on April 01, 1999 at 18:54:20:

In Reply to: Hand-job. posted by Red Deathy on March 31, 1999 at 19:17:49:

: the only real way to prevent job losses is for unions to enforce a minimum wage, but unfortunetly the sectors where such minimum wages are needed usually aren't unionised.

Unions can do what they like, but if another group of people say "no, ill work for less" the union has no right to stop them. Unions should not be about barriers to entry in labor.

: 1:Since real wage prices in some unskilled sectors fall through teh floor (i.e. the wage can't support the worker) legal means are needed to ensure that those workers get a living wage.

Or if that wage is too high to make it worth employing him then he wont get a job at any wage.

: 2:Some employers pay deliberately low wages, because they know the worker can suppliment it through the welfare system (thus ripping off the capitalists who paid the taxes).

Good point against the welfare state.

: Thats one you'll have to work hard to proove, seems to me that more wealth creation means more mecha isation, means fewer skilled jobs,

Means more if you look through modern industries in desperate need for electronics experts, software writers, engineers etc. There are huge wages to be had if you have such skills (which inceidently make student loans for the courses seem like 'small potatoes')

: One reason for the 1.5 million prisoners in America- surplus population.

The main reason is the 'catch all' spread of American criminal law to include having a bit of pot in you house, or not obeying this or that arbitrary law.

: Probably because some scab bosses decide its no longer worth their while to work in the sectors that need hyper-low wages to make their profits.

What I was saying is that inflation is the 'trick' in minimum wage raises. There is not much actual raise in real terms, but lots of chance for politicians to sound very 'caring' etc.

: I actually agree, I see very little value in a minimum wage- what is better is working class organisation into large unions to drive up wages overall, and to enforce a living wage on small employers. the Government can't administer affairs on behalf of the working class.

With the proviso that unions dont bar other willing people from taking employment that is offered.

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