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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, UK ) on April 05, 1999 at 16:24:31:

In Reply to: Not that word play again! posted by Gee on April 01, 1999 at 18:54:20:

: Unions can do what they like, but if another group of people say "no, ill work for less" the union has no right to stop them. Unions should not be about barriers to entry in labor.

No, unions are about ensuring a minimum wage, its better if people voluntarilly enter into unions, and refuse to scab, for sure, but even non members can benefit from unions, as they drive wages up across a sector.

: Or if that wage is too high to make it worth employing him then he wont get a job at any wage.

Correct, we will only be employed to a profit. Capitalist loonacy strikes again.

: Means more if you look through modern industries in desperate need for electronics experts, software writers, engineers etc. There are huge wages to be had if you have such skills (which inceidently make student loans for the courses seem like 'small potatoes')

My local british Steel plant once employed thousands, now less than four hundred work there- hundred of engineers and programmers may be needed (now) but thats still less overall than all teh lost welders and steel workers on Teeside.

: The main reason is the 'catch all' spread of American criminal law to include having a bit of pot in you house, or not obeying this or that arbitrary law.

Which wouldn't be needed or applied if the people being locked up were actually needed for labour, or employed at all. As such, criminalising the surplus populations life style is just a way to try and control them, either they obey, or they go to prison, either way, teh surplus is disciplined.

: What I was saying is that inflation is the 'trick' in minimum wage raises. There is not much actual raise in real terms, but lots of chance for politicians to sound very 'caring' etc.

I know, but there are practical reasons- teh minimum wage needs to be set at the real existing minimum wage, which is the a real minimum cost of living (about, roughly 70 a week I'd reckon, at least in the north, London rents....).

: With the proviso that unions dont bar other willing people from taking employment that is offered.

Personally i've nothing against closed shops, but then, that could be called a free and fair contract between the employer and the Union.

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