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Posted by: Julie ( Burger King, Spartanburg, SC USA ) on October 11, 1998 at 14:46:49:

In Reply to: Some of you seem to love the delusional mindset though posted by Quincunx on October 09, 1998 at 19:51:07:

I don't really see how you can say my employees and I don't have a lot in common especially when I am just trying to earn a damn wage to pay my bills and get by in life. You seem to have so much damn time to sit and ponder about your next McSpotlight post you must have a lot of fuckin free time. Ever think about just writing without trying to make others look bad. Ive sat back and let you harrass my fellow fast food employees long enough. Now its time you listened instead of spouting your bullshit. I started out as an employee and got where I am through lots of hard work. I didn't kiss anyone's ass. I worked every day and came in whenever I was asked to come in. I didn't call out cause I had the sniffles and I didn't bitch, moan and whine that I had to do something cause I was getting paid to do a job.

Maybe you should stop trying to rule everyone's lives and let them damn well decide what they want. I know one thing for sure about unions: If I was even remotely interested in starting one which I am not I certainly would not ask for your piss ass advice. Oh yeh to McSpotlight: I would not give Qx my email address on a friggen bet and he's not welcome in my forum either.

McSpotlight: OK, now the steam is let off a bit, please can Qx and everyone responding to Qx's posts please tone it down and keep the debate to argument not insults.

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