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Promotional considerations

Posted by: The Everett Citizen ( IWW, OBU ) on December 02, 1997 at 18:40:46:

In Reply to: Charities posted by John on December 01, 1997 at 13:07:52:

: What the hell do mean that all McDonald's does is for profit, profit, profit. Ronald McDonald House was started to help ease the cost for parents and patients who are in the hospital.

Everett Citizen:
If they were so bloody concerned about patients and parents, there are a number of things they could do:

1) Stop creating so many patients by way of unhealthy diet
2) Give anonymously, without wasting a good portion of it on advertising
3) Stop exploitation of the rainforests, which hold hundreds or thousands of undiscovered medicines
4) Give up the deadly dream of cornering the market (world domination)
5) Tell the truth about their methods of suppressing labor

The truth of the matter is this: They do EVERYTHING for their own benefit, including polishing their image for dupes like you.

Mike, The Everett Citizen

"How big of a house does this fucking clown need?"
-Dennis Miller quote

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