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Why would anyone run a business for someone else's benefit?

Posted by: Dan on December 03, 1997 at 01:21:51:

In Reply to: Promotional considerations posted by The Everett Citizen on December 02, 1997 at 18:40:46:

: The truth of the matter is this: They do EVERYTHING for their own benefit, including polishing their image for dupes like you.

Ofcourse they do things for their own benefit, they are running a business. Why would anyone run a business for someone else's benefit? Then, when they do, do something for charity you wont give them credit. Unfortunately, you cant have it both ways. They do have an image they want to create/uphold so why not make their charity known. Why is it only charitable if its done annonymously? Whether the charity is done for charity's sake or the sake of advertisement, it is still charity.

Anyone that focuses their diet around McDonalds meals has big problems and they arent being created by McDonalds. If these morons continue to use McDonalds as a primary source of their nutrition let Darwinism take its course. They will purge themselves.

I really enjoyed the hundreds or thousands of medicines line. As long as we are speculating, I'll speculate that there are hundreds or thousands of new diseases hidding in these rain forrests. NO, I am not supporting destroying the rainforests but why is it that the rainforest only has the potential for good? Everything about the undiscovered/unstudied rainforests is not by definition good.

The cornering the market bit is even more humorous. Please, think what it would take to do that and the laws that currently exist. And why is it deadly? Who is going to die if they do corner the market? Is there going to be a fast food world war. Will we have a worldwide draft? If so Im signing up with the Taco Bell division. Please Please Please explain deadly. Are they going to be able to convert most people to a pure McDonalds diet? Are they going to be able to single handedly destroy every inch of rain forrest?

Finally people that work at McDonalds get paid what they deserve (within a few dollars). This is not a career path (no matter how many people wish to make it so). It would be nice if everyone could live the wealthy life style but that isnt the way the world works (period, end of story).

I'll refrain from insulting you as an end to this message, because I think your intentions are good. But even the best of intentions can be dangerous when left unchecked, even in the "deadly" battle against the "dupes" of the world.

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