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That's just too baad

Posted by: Gideon Hallett ( n/a, UK ) on April 09, 1998 at 11:04:45:

In Reply to: I do not appreciate being called a sheep posted by Stuart Gort on April 09, 1998 at 09:44:05:

: I am doing is exercising my freedom to eat what and where I please.

Fine. Did I tell you I became a cannibal recently? And that you're #1 on my menu? Of course, I hope you're not restricting my freedoms in this matter...

: Any person who admits to hassling people who exercise their freedoms lives in a very small world and hasn't enough constructive work to do.

I agree. They're called "governments"

:I wonder if you will stipulate that there are far more important :issues in life than what a person eats or where they eat it.

Uh-huh. Freedom of speech, justice for all (not just the rich), destruction of the world's environment, homogenization of the world's culture. All of these are Important Issues - that you should remember even when you're hungry.

: As for drugs; There are things we can do to our bodies as
: individuals which lead to the moral decline of a society. Free and
: unrestricted use of drugs is one of them. Prostitution is another.

Ah, Stuart takes on humanity's two oldest past-times. It would be too much of a red rag to wave Marx's famous quote around...

Ah, what the hell...

"Religion is the opium of the people"

Oh, and you could try reading the works of Terence Mckenna?

As for religion; There are things we can do to our minds as
people which lead to the mental decline of a society. Free and
unrestricted use of churches is one of them. Sophistry is another.


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