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Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on April 13, 1998 at 12:18:27:

In Reply to: That's just too baad posted by Gideon Hallett on April 09, 1998 at 11:04:45:

: Fine. Did I tell you I became a cannibal recently? And that you're #1 on my menu? Of course, I hope you're not restricting my freedoms in this matter...

Have at me Gideon, but use a very sharp knife. I'm a little tough
from your repeated roastings.

: I agree. They're called "governments"

I'm inclined to agree as I hold to the old slogan "The government
that governs best governs least." Mine is a fear of left wing bleeding
hearts in control of such a thing as a government. You seem to have
helped me make that point.

: Uh-huh. Freedom of speech, justice for all (not just the rich), destruction of the world's environment, homogenization of the world's culture. All of these are Important Issues - that you should remember even when you're hungry.

So the gentleman who hassles the sheep ought to have better things
to do in your opinion also, I see. Well good! We see eye to eye here.

: Ah, Stuart takes on humanity's two oldest past-times. It would be too much of a red rag to wave Marx's famous quote around...

Apparently it wouldn't. But lest you think it is a religous arguement
I make, consider the Netherlands as an example for your children
to emulate if you are so blessed. Your cavalier dismissal of prostitution as a pastime comes straight from a male centered
viewpoint which is many miles from a grieving father's viewpoint. You
ought to be ashamed of yourself for your tactit acceptance of the
practice. With respect to drugs - again; How many destroyed lives
must you see before you decide it affects more than the user. How
selfish it is to suggest otherwise. By the time I was 18 I had five
friends dead from drugs. You suggest they should have the right to
kill themselves with this stuff. I say they don't understand what they
are doing and they're too young to know it. Past-time? Only in
a very irresponsible, unloving home is drug use a past-time. You think
about the grieving parents of children who get involved in drug use
and prostitution for a while. After that tell me how these practices
should be relegated to adult participation only and make a case that
if they are, they won't hurt anyone. They hurt everyone. Open eyes can
see that.

: Oh, and you could try reading the works of Terence Mckenna?

Who? Is that my prof in sophistry 101?

: As for religion; There are things we can do to our minds as
: people which lead to the mental decline of a society. Free and
: unrestricted use of churches is one of them. Sophistry is another.

The reader will note that Gideon has changed the subject from moral
to mental in his attack of Christianity. Not having a standard other
than his own opinion to base his "moral" code on, he proceeds to lambast those who claim an immovable standard as those who attribute to
the mental decline of our world. To that I answer; If a person who
argues that there is no moral distiction to be made between killing a
man or a tree suggests that you contribute to the mental decline of the
world, just smile and say "have a nice day" and be about your merry way.

Stuart Gort

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