This Week in the Media
October 18 - 28 October

Each week McSpotlight will be updated on how the world's press has covered McLibel, McDonald's and multinationals in general.

    The McEnd is Near In McDonald's Libel Trial

    20th October 1996; UK
    Associated Press
    [Report on commencement of the closing chapter to the McLibel trial and its entry into the record books.]

    McLibel Case Nears End

    October 24 1996; USA
    Special for USA Today
    [Another article on the end of the trial.]

    Interview with Arsene Wenger, the new manager at Arsenal Football Club

    18th October 1996; UK
    Evening Standard
    [Arsene Wegner derides McDonald's entry into Japan - "But since they introduced McDonald's and Coca-Cola there are now some fat people among the younger generation."

Last Week in the Media

10 October - 17 October - Squall details McDonald's nefarious links with Police intelligence units.
3 October - 9 October - Viz and McDonald's; McMunchies and McLibel trial becomes the longest civil case in British history - Guiness Book of Records
26 September - 2 October - How we met, Helen Steel and Dave Morris, in the Independent.
19 September - 25 September - Big Mac Chews Out Little Mrs Munchie.
12 Septmeber - 18 September - Adopt-A-Store and SLAPPS.
22 August - 11 September - Mark Thomas' regular site to hang out: McSpotlight.
7 August - 21August - Big Mac in big trouble over late openings.
18 July - 6 August - Last year, 96% of Americans ate at McDonald's; more than half the American population lives within a three-minute drive of a McDonald's...
4 July - 17 July - How corporations are "flame-broiled" on the Net.
27 June - 3 July - The second anniversary of the McLibel Trial is celebrated in style.
20 June - 26 June - Squall reveals how McDonald's is "gobbling the rainforests".
13 June - 19 June - The New Statesman runs a very positive article on McSpotlight
30 May - 12 June - McDonald's 'used police sources' in McLibel case, reports the Independent
23 May - 29 May -
Red Pepper exposes Japanese racist myths about 'healthy' McDonald's food
16 May - 22 May -
A quiet week: 'An American Cowboy in London' profiles McLibel witness Howard Lyman
9 May - 15 May -
'McMyths about McJobs': Strange Spectator article defends low-paid work for young people
2 May - 8 May -
Busy week, with McLibel featured on satirical TV show and analysis of McDonald's stranglehold over the UK
24 April - 1 May -
Highlight of the week: George Monbiot's Guardian on the absurdities of Britain's libel laws
16 April - 23 April -
Howard Lyman causes a storm on the Oprah Winfrey Show when Oprah pledges to give up burgers
5 April - 15 April -
A quiet week, but with interesting legal analysis from Legal Action
16 March - 4 April -
The BSE in beef crisis explodes, the media is saturated with McDonald's decision to ban British beef
9 March - 15 March -
Sensational five-page colour feature in the UK's Guardian Weekend on the McLibel Trial and McSpotlight
2 March - 8 March -
The world's press takes an interest in McSpotlight - articles in USA Today, Observer and Legal Action
24 February - 1 March -
Lots of mentions for McLibel. McSpotlight makes 'Global Hero' for March 1996
17 - 23 February -
Great headlines, media people: 'Big Mac's Critics Connect On Line', 'Burger Giant Under McSpotlight'...
11 - 16 February -
Our first week - not much press. Little did they know...

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