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Job Rotation or Workers Control?

Posted by: Lark on December 08, 1999 at 14:23:06:

Hey Barry, hey all you other guys and girls! (I just thought Barry would see the mention of job rotation as a message to him).

Right while I wish nothing but success to someone who favours job rotation I've got to ask whether it is going to be as great as workers control or self-management in industry etc.

Job Rotation is good because it means that since everyone is equally liable to the most disagreeable work that they will seek to reduce that work or make it less disagreeable, that is provided that they dont simply choose to idle about when it's their turn to clean the toilets and wait to get rotated out,but how would that work in with workers control?

I think workers control, that is liberty in the workplace, is imperative, if we are going to return the ownership of peoples labour to them we must let them have a say in decision making etc.

I've heard of an inspirational case in Wales where miners bought the pit they where in when the bastard Thatcher administration tried to close it down and have been running it as a successful co-op since and they have introduced multi-skilling in order to allow for greater holidays but without the threat that it'll result in redundancies etc. would that be the same thing?

That's more or less the type of thing Michael Albert and co.advocate as job rotation in participatory economics and I think it's a fairly good idea.

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