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Faster or slower?

Posted by: JD ( United States of Atrocities ) on January 25, 19100 at 10:41:16:

In Reply to: In the end, the joke is on the conservatives posted by MDG on January 24, 19100 at 16:15:17:

You know, part of me would like to see Bush win. If he can do for the country what he did for Texas, like rejecting 3 to 1 federal matching funds to provide healthcare for uninsured children, leaving Texas far behind the rest of the nation, while, at the same time, pushing for, and winning, a tax cut for oilwell owners, one must conclude that the wealth gap between the rich and poor will become even greater under his watch.

Some might say that's hard-hearted, but if Gore wins, the same thing will happen, as he's a faux environmentalist and a "free trade" advocate, only at a slower rate. As Barry Soller said, old Coke or new?

I think that things in the US will have to become much worse before any popular movement is born.

JD (we struggle but we never give in)

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