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In the end, the joke is on the conservatives

Posted by: MDG on January 24, 19100 at 16:15:17:

As we all surely know, the United States is gearing up for another election. Conservatives and/or Republicans, like our beloved Frenchy, will no doubt vote for the G.O.P. candidates, in large measure due to their abhorrence of what they call socialism, but others call social and economic justice. No matter. Frenchy is not rich, we know. The vast majority of other G.O.P. voters are not rich, yet he and they will vote G.O.P., perhaps even electing George W. Bush into the White House, and the G.O.P will turn around and do what it does best -- serve the rich, screw the middle class, neglect the poor. The joke will be on Frenchy and his ilk, as always.

P.S. Not that today's Democrats are much better, but -- hard as it is to believe -- they ARE still better than the Republicans.

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