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Droll Troll attempts to be genuine

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on August 29, 1998 at 15:21:25:

In Reply to: And Nil Points for you, Qx. posted by Trolley Dolly on August 27, 1998 at 11:18:59:

DT: Au contraire, Qx. I would say (from experience) that many local government bodies are full of jumped up glory seekers, who spend all their lives lining up that perfect swing at the corporate punchbags that swing so temptingly past their noses They want the kudos of having been "that guy" who forced McD's to alter their procedures. I mean in particular EHO's. For e.g. there are some absolutely stinking holes of restaurants about, yet an EHO stood and told me to get the underside of the dry store shelving varnished. I really wanted to ask her how the outlet over the road still operated when on many occasions, staff are seen smoking in the kitchen, not wearing hats in food prep areas and handling money and food. But I didn't ask. I just allowed her to enjoy that little buzz she must have got in her pants when she spotted such a major breach of environmental health legislation in such a huge company. The bigger you are, the worse it is. Joe Tossbag over the road and his poxy spud outlet should have bitten the dirt long ago, but they're still around. Because noone likes to give the little man a kicking do they ?

Qx: Well, you really blurbed out a mouthful of bilge but go ahead and tell it to the corporation and not me. you think their so benevolent then go ahead and stick your face into the deep fat frier and tell them about it.

DT: It's just the way you do it Qx, you can be a sarky...ahem...individual.
: (How's that for restraint, Moderator ??)

Qx: Tough shit you sycophant. Get a franchise and pay as little for the labour as possible eh? If you think that's defensible then ethics are not what really concerns you and if you say otherwise then you're a liar.

DT: Instead of patronising him Qx, HELP him. If he is so badly misinformed, don't take the piss, point him in the right direction. (not the IWW website !) You don't do yourself, or the IWW any favours by being such a yap.

Qx: Who's being the yap? You're being paid for it and I guy who types out pro-corporate stuff as he has doesn't need help from anyone else except himself. Now look at the ground and clean that mess you made.

DT:: Listen to the guy. Can't you accept he might be genuine ? I know you doubted me once Qx, is it now this guy's turn to feel the heat ? Accept that others experiences will naturally create different viewpoints, and give him a decent debate instaed of bucketloads of bile from on high. I tell you, you have climbed so way up on that pedestal you are going to get blown off it one day, and wind up with your knickers on your head.

Qx: Sniff your own knickers and the essence of McD's will become ever so splendorous. You use a strawman technique in debating and so I'll insult you back. You should be doubted again and again since you try to convince others that you really care about the world and working conditions but being a part of a filthy corporation like McD's just about says it all.

So by accusing me of being on a pedestal is very unrealistic and shows a need to castigate me in the name of a corporation that's grown rich by exploitation and lots of other unethical practices. McD's deserves criticism and if you have to claim that I'm on a pedestal then you're simply showing that your loyalties don't lie with humanity but with corporate elites who control and shape the lives of millions in a myriad of ways. If you haven't developed a social conscience then media spin can be a great specialty and you show it by defending McD's.

Now define false consciousness. Come on...your reply should be fun. By the way ever heard of ethical subjectivism? If you understand the concept then you wouldn't have asked the stupid question in regards to differing viewpoints. Go and read a book before you try to be so nice and polite.

DT: Love and kisses

Qx: I'd like you to love and kiss something else but you might cry at the prospect of losing all your coporate-begotten money.

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