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Mcd's can piss off!

Posted by: Dave ( United States ) on July 29, 1999 at 16:40:22:

The same kind of crap goes on here in America. I swear there must be some kind of brain-damage prerequisite to work at some of these McDumps. The managers at the mcd's that I work at take their jobs so seriously! Mcd's is their life! It's ridiculous! These people are in dire need of real lives. I pity their present pathetic ambitions. To them, happiness is "making people's day the McDonald's way!" BAAAARF!!!!!

In any case, most of the crew is getting sick of the crap that we have to deal with there. Many of us, including myself, go to the local university. Most of us are quitting in the next month to concentrate on our studies so that we can get real jobs and not get permanently stuck in shitty jobs like McDonald's.

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