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Making a big issue about a tiny point!

Posted by: Siamak ( UK ) on September 09, 1997 at 17:22:40:

In Reply to: What kind am I, Siamac? posted by anon on September 05, 1997 at 19:25:08:

: Siamak entitled one of his recent postings " You guys never learn".
: Also he said "you and your kind". Now this is quite interesting because on certain occasions when a poster of the pro-McDees persuasion makes a gross generalization of activists, these activists are quick to point out what a character flaw this is.

Yes groundless stereotyping has no place in proper debate. But generalisation? Well, I see nothing wrong with it if properly argued. Now, since you were defending a pro-McD position, I put you in the McD apologisyts camp. So the phrase "you and your kind" refers to you and and the rest of the pro-McD gang. So why make a mountain out of a molehill?

: Being how I've never considered myself to be in possession of what I call a herd mentality,

Think again!

: I would like to know with what "guys" I am being associated with. Also, it would be interesting to know what "kind" I am.

See theanswer above.

: You might be very surprised Siamac.

Go ahead mate, surprise me, let's know where you stand on the question of McD and it's policies on children, it's workers, it's misleading advertising etc etc.

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