This Week in the Media
October 29 - 8 November

Each week McSpotlight will be updated on how the world's press has covered McLibel, McDonald's and multinationals in general.

Hearing Becomes The Biggest Mac Of All
A Tale of Two Court Cases: McLibel Breaks Record on 292nd Day

    by Patricia Wynn Davies
    Legal Affairs Editor; The Independent; 2 November 1996; UK

    [Long piece on the record breaking case]

McDonald's libel case is England's longest trial

    By Patricia Reaney
    Fri, Nov 1,1996

    [Another piece on the record breaking nature of the trial - this time on the 'wire']

TIME magazine
11th November 1996 ;Worldwide
England, Mclibel Trial: 2 years into a civil suit against 2 eco-activists McDonald's may wish it hadn't picked this fight. The defendants, who distributed leaflets in the 1980's criticising the chain's environmental ethics and nutritional claims, have set up a web site ( detailing their beef with the burger chain.

European Business News
Thursady 7th Novmeber, Europe
[Business programme broadcast throughout Europe, carried a short interview with Helen and Dave outside of the Court - broadcast on BSkyB in the UK]

London News Radio
1st November 1996, UK

[Short piece on the record breaking trial]

BBC Newsroom SouthEast
1st November 1996, UK

[Details of the trial repeated throughout the day]

London Today / Tonight (ITV)
1sr November 1996, UK

[Details of the trial repeated throughout the day]

McSpotlight Awarded Four Grenades! TWICE!!

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Four Grenade Award of Excellence

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For the first time in the history of Western Civilization is the average person able to publish their documents to the world without intervening censors. This is an excellent opportunity to upset the information power paradigm that currently holds the reins of information to serve the political and cultural interests of the powers that be.

If there are enough informed people, armed with the significant intellectual ammunition necessary to combat the distortion, innuendo, and cunning semantic subterfuge of the popular media, a paradigm shift can occur in this culture and we may be able to pull back from the brink of political and environmental catastrophe, before it is too late.

I am sure that you yourself can see how the internet is being fashioned into the next corporate marketing tool. We think that we can take back the Internet as a medium of free information exchange. The majority of users do not go on-line to see ATT's home page, but to find information that would be hidden from them otherwise.

Since we do not support the "Corporate World View" of our colleagues, we face corporate censorship at every turn. We do, therefore, ask your assistance in building this network of culturally alternative web sites and documents. We humbly offer you the use of our search engine (in which your materials are indexed) for use on your web-pages. It is only by providing a high level of information service to sites like yours that we can hope to be an integral part of this critical aspect of the internet community.

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Award No. Two

Dear Web Publisher,

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Nearly Over: McJudgement Day In Sight
Morning Star; October 1996

Enviromental campaigners Dave Morris and Helen Steel at the Royal Courts of Justice in London yesterday, as they prepared to deliver the closing speeches in their long running libel case brought against them by the transnational McDonald's Corporation. The MCLibel case, as it is has become known, is already in the Guiness Book of Records as the longest running civil trial in British history.

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Red Pepper exposes Japanese racist myths about 'healthy' McDonald's food
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A quiet week: 'An American Cowboy in London' profiles McLibel witness Howard Lyman
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'McMyths about McJobs': Strange Spectator article defends low-paid work for young people
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Busy week, with McLibel featured on satirical TV show and analysis of McDonald's stranglehold over the UK
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Highlight of the week: George Monbiot's Guardian on the absurdities of Britain's libel laws
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Howard Lyman causes a storm on the Oprah Winfrey Show when Oprah pledges to give up burgers
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A quiet week, but with interesting legal analysis from Legal Action
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The BSE in beef crisis explodes, the media is saturated with McDonald's decision to ban British beef
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Sensational five-page colour feature in the UK's Guardian Weekend on the McLibel Trial and McSpotlight
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The world's press takes an interest in McSpotlight - articles in USA Today, Observer and Legal Action
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Lots of mentions for McLibel. McSpotlight makes 'Global Hero' for March 1996
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Great headlines, media people: 'Big Mac's Critics Connect On Line', 'Burger Giant Under McSpotlight'...
11 - 16 February -
Our first week - not much press. Little did they know...

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