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Storming the Bastille

Posted by: Lark on February 21, 19100 at 11:59:34:

In Reply to: La Marseillaise posted by David on February 19, 19100 at 23:12:04:

: That information is not at all accurate. Texas does not fly the KKK flag (it might fly the Confederate one, I am not sure)

Is the confederate flag not the flag of the Klan? If it isnt then why is it really popular at racist rallies and among the 'south will rise again' posse? (What they should be worrying about is if the black population every stopped calling each other nigger and started to call each other comrade, then the North Could Rise Again!!)

:and it doesn't have laws against inter-racial marriages. What you might be confusing it with is private universities that "frown" upon inter-racial marriages and expel students for it.

To me it's the same deal, uni's have been bombed and burned in Northern Ireland for less.

: What is really awful though is that same-sex marriages are outlawed in all states. (Hawaii rescinded it's law allowing it)

I'd disagree, dicrimination on the grounds of race is far more serious than discriminaton on the grounds of sexual orientation, besides I view marriage as a realtionship recognised by the police, does the homosexual community really want to be recognised by the police?

: : AUX ARMS!!!

: Aux Armes citoyens
: Formez-vos bataillons
: Marchons, Marchons!
: Qu'un Sang impur
: abreuve nos sillons

: The last two lines are really creepy (The blood of the impure/will water our furrows).

Fantastic what they used to do on a sunday afternoon when it was quiet and TV hadnt been invented isnt it? War was a lot less complicated back then.

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