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The racial problem

Posted by: David ( USA ) on February 22, 19100 at 10:24:54:

In Reply to: Storming the Bastille posted by Lark on February 21, 19100 at 11:59:34:

: : That information is not at all accurate. Texas does not fly the KKK flag (it might fly the Confederate one, I am not sure)

: Is the confederate flag not the flag of the Klan? If it isnt then why is it really popular at racist rallies and among the 'south will rise again' posse?

The confederate flag is popular at klan rallies and amongst the 'south will rise again' guys because of its association with a pro-slavery south.
The KKK did not come into existence until after the Civil War, during the time of military reconstruction. It started as a gentleman's club devoted to discussing many of the issues that the south was facing but then it started getting nasty when it decided to go out lynching at what not. Now the klan is comprised mostly of what we Americans would call "honkeys" who have a great passion for keeping rusted cars on their front lawns and various "body art."

There is currently a big debate in South Carolina over whether the state legislature should take down the Confederate flag. I am not leaning either way on the issue, I think it is something that the states populace needs to decide. However, I have heard some good arguments either way.

:(What they should be worrying about is if the black population every stopped calling each other nigger and started to call each other comrade, then the North Could Rise Again!!)

What I find interesting though is that people in the North are just as racist as in the South. Having lived in both, the only difference I have noted is that in the South people are not as afraid to express their views. Both are just as unhealthy.

: :and it doesn't have laws against inter-racial marriages. What you might be confusing it with is private universities that "frown" upon inter-racial marriages and expel students for it.

: To me it's the same deal, uni's have been bombed and burned in Northern Ireland for less.

What is important though is that it is not endorsed by the state. It sets a precedent.

: : What is really awful though is that same-sex marriages are outlawed in all states. (Hawaii rescinded it's law allowing it)

: I'd disagree, dicrimination on the grounds of race is far more serious than discriminaton on the grounds of sexual orientation, besides I view marriage as a realtionship recognised by the police, does the homosexual community really want to be recognised by the police?

I am not quite following you here. Marriages are recognized by the state as being legally binding contracts. What I think is important is that couples get special benefits in the way of taxes. Homosexuals should be afforded the same privilege.

: Fantastic what they used to do on a sunday afternoon when it was quiet and TV hadnt been invented isnt it? War was a lot less complicated back then.

Some would argue it was more humane then, as there were certain guidelines that countries followed. Civilian populations were not murdered or used as targets.

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