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Mcrubbish is a symphony of lies!

Posted by: Paranoid Ghost ( Canada ) on May 20, 1999 at 01:41:27:

Has anyone ever purchased a McRubbish hamburger,(they have no idea what a burger is.), which was excatly or even close to what they advertise in all those glossy commercials and photographs? I don't think anyone can say they have. McRubbish is a symphony of lies! I am told a lawsuit has been launched in Australia for the misleading advertising which McRubbish has embraced fully and compleatly. The rabid clown has in effect become a symbol of everything which is unreal in this plastic world in which we live. The Clown must be brought down! I beg of you all...go to a local McRubbish hovel and demand a burger as pictured in all those bullcrap commercials!...Stand up for the common man/woman and demand an end to the false advertising which McRubbish is blatently guilty of...Stand up for YOURSELF and say: "I'm not going to take this crap any longer!" I wish to organize a protest against the evil overlords of McRubbish. I can be reached at my E-mail address. Let me know if you are intrested in demonstrating at Mcrubbish dives across Vancouver, British Columbia.

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