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I don not know why, but here goes!

Posted by: Bengt ( McD, Sweden ) on October 11, 1998 at 14:21:08:

In Reply to: Rap Sessions as a Technique of Control posted by Quincunx on October 10, 1998 at 11:31:26:

I promised myself not to get into debates with you again, since it is not going anywhere, but I do have a question. If "workers" and "managment" on a regular basis talk to each other and discuss the pros and cons of working, what is wrong with that? You automatically leap to the conclusion that this is yet another company plot - talk about paranoia!

As I have stated before, I believe in the right to unionize if you feel the need, but there should also be other channels for communication. If I am getting you right, you believe that complaints etc should not be taken up with the managment, but should be taken directly to the union. If that is so - why?
I for one believe in the communication between individuals in the same company, restaurant etc. I believe that most issues can be solved locally.
As in regard to rapsessions as such, I do believe that they should not be handled by the store manager himself/herself. You can always let a collague handle it or perhaps a party choosen by all involved.

On a final note Qx, I think you could do well by easing up a bit. The way your debating, you are aliernating people. Since I do not share your beliefs, thats fine with me, but I thought that you might be interested to get people with you, not against you.

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