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press cuttings: McSpotlight  
Newspaper, magazine and internet articles specifically relating to McSpotlight are accessed below. For stuff on McDonald's, McLibel or Anti-McDonald's campaigns, please use the 'related links' or search options below.

The press cuttings date back to 1994 and are arranged in chronological order with the most recent first. Please forward any relevant articles to and we'll put them up.

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Modem warfare
E-mail and the Net are revolutionising the way environment, human rights and social justice groups work.
The Guardian (UK); 13th January 1999

David meets McGoliath on the Web
Great piece on the trial, the issues and McSpotlight
The Australian; 29th April 1997

McLibel on the Internet
Verdict awaited. Judge for yourself on McSpotlight
Freedom; 26th April 1997

Heart of the Matter
Wine, Brussel Sprouts, Big Macs, McLibel and McSpotlight
Guardian; 29th March 1997

Find out the latest on the McLibel Trial
New features on McSpotlight
Colchester Evening Gazette (UK); 25 February 1997

Mac Attack
Trendy 'lifestyle' magazine on McSpotlight and subverts.
Blah Blah Blah; Feb 97

Big Mac Attack - A British libel trial puts McDonald's on the grill
British learn the ugly truth about the restaurant next door.
San Francisco Bay Guardian; 29 Jan 97

Big Mac versus small fry
Review of McSpotlight and the McLibel trial.
Escape #2; Jan/Feb 97

McDavid und McGoliath
Verhandlungsmarathon des Fast-food-Konzerns McDonald's
Der Spiegel 51, 16th Dec 96; Germany

Trial That's Made A Meal Of It
Report on the closing chapter
Times, 13th Dec 96

Canada: All Mouth and No Future
The changing face of the media. Reference to the McLibel and internet coverage.
The Guardian (UK); 9 Dec 96

The McSpotlight Site
'Peace People' on McSpotlight and McLibel.
Citizen, Dec 96; Northern Island

Egg McMuffin on Ronald's Face
McSpotlight reviewed by Mens food magazine (really!)
EatSoup, Dec 96

Webbing the Barricades
"The McDonald's baiting McSpotlight site is a fine blueprint for all protest sites"
Wired, Dec 96

Britain's Big 'McLibel Trial' (It's McEndless, Too)
Down beat article about the approach of the end of the McLibel trial.
New York Times; 29th Nov 96

Hearing Becomes The Biggest Mac Of All
Record breaking nature of the trial and its growing support.
Independent; 2nd Nov 96

McDonald's libel case is England's longest trial
After 292 days (and still going) McLibel breaks UK records
Reuters; 1st Nov 96

'McLibel Case' Nears End
The USA's biggest distribution daily covers the restart of the trial.
USA Today; 24th Oct 96; USA

Finally, The McEnd Is Near In McDonald's Libel Trial
Wire report on the restart of the trial and the summing up arguments.
Associate Press; 20 Oct 96 (World)

Albert v Ronald in battle of the burger
McDonald's frustrated by campaigners canny anti-planning tactics.
Independent; 19 Oct 96

Special Branch Helped McDonald's
McDonald's and police shared information. (with review of McSpotlight)
SQUALL; Autumn 96

McDonald's Morale Crumblin'
Confidence lacking in the corporation.
AdBusters, Winter 96, USA

Video shock in Big Mac licence bid
McSpotlight granted permission to video hearing
Camden New Journal; 17th Oct 96

Hitch for fast food giant
Campaigners once again frustrated the burger multinational's efforts
Camden & StPancras Chronicle; 17th Oct 96

The Business of Applying Pressure
How pressure groups (and McSpotlight) are expert at getting support from the media
PR Week; 4th Oct 96

Corporate threat: Attack of the slamming sites
Article about various anti-corporate sites on the web
Inter@ctive Week, July 22nd 96

A blow to Big Mac in Jamaica
McDonald's stopped trading in Jamaica. McSpotlight gets busier.
Guardian; EcoSoundings 17th July 96

McSpotlight Homepage
Review of McSpotlight by industry magazine.
Internet Today; July 96

What gripe site creators call free speech, some companies are calling libelous
Article in which McSpotlight is supposedly being sued by McDonald's.
Money OnLine Daily; 13th July 96

Fast Food Libel Trial Takes Years To Digest
Long piece on the 2nd anniversary of the trial (mentions McSpotlight)
Sunday Telegraph; 30th June 96

Big Mac To Be Grilled In JA
The Jamaican case of McDonald's vs McDonald's with McLibel evidence from the Internet
Caribbean Times; 27 June 96

The Net - the site that covers every detail of the long-running McDonald's Libel case.
Review of McSpotlight.
New Statesman; 21st June 96

McSpotlight Wins Award
Details of one of McSpotlights internet awards
OnLine; 14th June 96

Big Mac Faces The Facts
Extensive update on the trial and McSpotlight
Arkangel; Spring 96

Burgering About On The Web
Details of where to find info on the net re: McLibel
ON Magazine; May 96

NetTimers: Report from Amsterdam
NetAvism in Holland - including McSpotlight
Amsterdam; 20th May 96, Netherlands

Culture Jammers of the YEAR
Helen and Dave are voted to be Culture Trial McNuggets!
Adbusters Magazine, Spring 96

McHeadache: A Tale of Two Activists
Informative piece on the participants, the trial, the issues and the net.
Toplum Newspaper, 28th March 96

McDonald's Bashing
Powerful piece on McSpotlight and what it is trying to achieve
AP News Agency; 27th March 96

Another review
Greenline Publication; March 96

Big Mac On Trial
McLibel the story
Age (Australia); 14th March 96

You and I Against McWorld
Major colour feature on McLibel (and McSpotlight) over five pages
Guardian - Weekend Magazine , 9 March 96

If You Visit One Web Site This Week, Make It: McSPOTLIGHT
Focus on McSpotlight
Observer, March 4 96

First McLibel, Now McSpotlight
Legal magazine talks about McSpotlight in short news piece
Legal Action, March 96

McLibel goes public on McWeb
Summary of the site
Peace News, March 96

Vigilantes Stir Firms' Ire With Cyber Antics
Front page feature about so-called 'cripe sites', including McSpotlight
USA Today, 28 Feb 96

Quick Bytes
Short mention of McSpotlight
Daily Telegraph, 27 Feb 96

Internet Info Accepted In Court
McLibel evidence from Internet ruled admissable in Jamaican court
Gleanor; 23 Feb 96; Jamaica

McSpotlight Review
Short review of McSpotlight
Guardian, 22 Feb 96

Spotlight on Mac
Short piece on the launch of McSpotlight
Age (Melbourne), 20 Feb 96

McLibel case heats up on the Internet
Article on McSpotlight
Chicago Sun Times, 19 Feb 96

Big Mac's critics connect on-line
Paragraph on McSpotlight
Chicago Tribune, 18 Feb 96

Internet attack on Big Mac
Short piece on launch of McSpotlight
Daily Express, 17 Feb 96

Burger Giant Under McSpotlight
Piece on launch of McSpotlight
Independent, 17 Feb 96

McDonald's critics take case to the net
Long, newsagency report on launch of McSpotlight
Bloomberg Business News, 15 Feb 96