- McJobs and Workers -

Most likely not

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on October 08, 1998 at 03:54:12:

In Reply to: we have something in common, hey Qx! posted by McDWorker on October 06, 1998 at 21:14:53:

McDW: Pround of my ignorance? Guess this means we have something in common, hey Qx!

Qx: You're wrong as usual with the feigned civility. Keep looking down this board for your admission to being proud of your ignorance. Then maybe the Corporation will take care of you from cradle to grave.

: --
: McSpotlight: This is just bickering, OK?

Qx: One of these days McDWorker will quit trying to pretend that the McDonald's and the workers have so much in common. Maybe he'll even quit pretending to be a worker.

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